Plastic Surgery Pros & Cons

How beneficial plastic surgery
Plastic surgery is the specialty dedicated to improving or restoring the appearance and/or function of numerous areas of the body. Norman Waterhouse is a leading surgeon in London, UK, known for aesthetic facial plastic surgery, Botox cosmetic treatment, midface lift, breast lift, neck list, breast reduction, etc

Breaking the Balance: Cosmetic Surgery Pros, Cons and Risk Factors
It’s in the news, on television, movies and just about everywhere you look. A pretty face, a slender frame, and sizeable, perky breasts are society’s general prerequisites for a “beautiful woman,” and people are increasingly more willing to succumb to these diluted perceptions each year.

Surgical Hip Replacements - Improving Quality Of Life
The hip joint, like all other body parts, is subjected to daily stress and strain of activities. In due course of time and due to changing physiology, the hips may get diseased or damaged. The dysfunctional hip joint hinders movement and makes activities difficult. Even simply walking across a room may generate a lot of pain.

The pros and cons of plastic surgery procedures
Every single year thousands of people male and female try the latest in plastic surgery techniques designed to keep them looking younger. There is a major problem with this attitude and that is each new procedure is only as good as the surgeon who does the surgery. If you are not aware of the risks ahead of time you could be left with emotional and physical scars.

Body work - the pros and cons of cosmetic surgeries
Cory Simone, 32, an entertainment executive from New Jersey, knew that all the diet and exercise in the world weren't going to change her blouse size--a women's 24--or her top-heavy physique. She knew because she'd already lost 40 pounds, only to have it creep right back around her bust and waistline. But after seeing the changes in a coworker who'd had breast-reduction surgery, Cory decided to check out plastic surgery for herself.

Is plastic surgery worth it? Two writers weight the risks and the rewards
In an ideal world, we women would be judged solely on our inventive wit and wisdom. And if I ever find out that such a groovy galaxy exists, I'll book passage pronto and swear never to endure another fat-sucking procedure. However, I have been forced to face the ugly truth: Looks do count, and liposuction really can last forever.
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