The pros and cons of plastic surgery procedures

Every single year thousands of people male and female try the latest in plastic surgery techniques designed to keep them looking younger. There is a major problem with this attitude and that is each new procedure is only as good as the surgeon who does the surgery. If you are not aware of the risks ahead of time you could be left with emotional and physical scars. Before plunging into cosmetic surgery, consider your emotional need to have the procedure done, as well as the problems that may result from it. Then try to balance the two to determine what you should do.

There are several procedures that are common in today’s cosmetic surgery field. Liposuction, which is removing fat cells from the body to produce smoother contours, has been around for years. Only today are doctors and researchers discovering more and more of the risks that are involved. The major problem is if too much fat and fluid are removed you can go into shock, bleed internally, or worst of all die. The bottom line is that this is a cosmetic procedure that in the wrong hand could end up in disaster. Also, when the procedure is done correctly there are many cases where the skin is dimpled and the skin is left sagging.

Retin A is a drug that is used to help with cosmetic appearance and sometimes used over surgeries. Retin A is a wonderful drug that is used for its ability to replace a sallow color with some pinkness, it causes the blood vessels beneath the surface to proliferate, which improves the skin texture and promotes collagen formation. This has the effect of plumping up the skin and filling out fine wrinkles. It is often prescribed to apply at night before bed, in very small quantity. It is very effective in the removal of very fine wrinkles; it is even helpful in removing brown spots that is often a result of prolonged skin exposure. The major problem with Retin A is that the treatment leaves the skin susceptible to sunburn, and too much Retin A can cause redness and peeling.

Remember that the fantasy of your life will be magically transformed by surgery is nothing more than that, a fantasy. Some cosmetic surgeons play on your feeling, although most are competent and ethical there are still a few bad apples. If you know which questions to ask yourself and your doctor you will save yourself a lot of heartache and a ton of money.

There are a few questions you should start off asking yourself. The first question you should ask yourself is do you really need plastic surgery? When you look in the mirror, be objective. Some people want surgery for a couple of wrinkles that are barely noticeable to anyone but himself or herself. This will make you very vulnerable to unethical surgeons. Also ask yourself, will repair of this imperfection enhance your well being and does the imperfection really exist?

Many people ask the wrong questions to their cosmetic surgeon. They will ask their surgeon what can be done or what can I hope for, the real question that should be asked is, realistically what will be done? So many people, who are seeking cosmetic work, believe that just because it is done everyday that there is no risk of damage. You need to make sure you ask this very important question, What is the chance of real damage, and if it happens, what might the extent of it be? Plastic surgeons are humans. They are physicians who have had extensive training in delicate repair of skin, but nobody can break the integrity of normal skin without leaving a mark.

Ask to see their book of before and after pictures. You may wish to speak to the surgeons other patients to see in real person what the effects have been. Ask whatever other questions concern you. Prepare a list, it does not matter how many questions you have or how trivial you feel they are, Ask them. You are the one that in the end must live with the results.

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