How beneficial plastic surgery´┐Ż

Plastic surgery is the specialty dedicated to improving or restoring the appearance and/or function of numerous areas of the body. Norman Waterhouse is a leading surgeon in London, UK, known for aesthetic facial plastic surgery, Botox cosmetic treatment, midface lift, breast lift, neck list, breast reduction, etc The aim of breast augmentation or breast implant surgery is to produce full, soft, natural breasts that are in proportion to the rest of the body. Most women request breast augmentation if they have small breasts or if they have lost breast tissue after pregnancy or breastfeeding. Asymmetry in breast size may also be corrected when the difference is very noticeable. Surgery to increase the size of the women breasts involves the placement of implants either beneath the breast tissue or beneath the muscles of the chest.

The size of the breasts is determined by the individual patient. Breast implants surgery or breast augmentation at Norman Waterhouse in London, UK, is performed under a general anaesthetic and involves an overnight stay in hospital. Recovery from the breast implants surgery or breast augmentation surgery usually takes four weeks before resuming full activity. Modern breast augmentation or breast implants is usually highly successful in achieving a pleasing result. The problem of hardening of the breast is now very rare due to improvements in implant design. Equally, it is now generally accepted that Silicone provides the best material for women breast implants and does not cause collagen disorders and other problems. Norman Waterhouse is one of the best facial and nose plastic surgeons in London, UK. The frequently requested RHINOPLASTY (Plastic Surgery Nose) procedure can be very successful in improving, refining or reducing the nose. The aim of the rhinoplasty procedure is to produce a natural, aesthetically pleasing nose in proportion with the face. It is rarely possible or appropriate to produce a replica of an idealised 'celebrity' nose. Realistically, surgery is tailored to achieve the best shape and size of nose for each individual.

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