Young People Remake Mens Suits

In a few years' time, male teens ended up changing the way society sees the men's suit: imbued with a conservative and corporate spirit. Who would have imagined that teeners in their 20s would be the ones to develop a taste for blazers, sports jackets, and above all, luxury men's suits? But why not? Apparently, marketing of luxury men's wear has successfully reached teeners effectively, from the papers they read to the websites they visit. These gentlemen are most likely into college work or some new venture that favored rugged dot-com boom-era casual dressing.

Things have changed though; these young men picked up the fashion information and have come to see no problem in dressing up and enjoying it. Blame David Beckham all you want, but to look good doesn't have to be a chore. If one wants to live up to this dress code, then it's not just counting cotton shirts and cute unmatching socks as part of one's already-haves; one has to watch out for the lifestyle itself.

Anyway, it must indeed have been the metrosexual revolution, wherein nobody gave a thought to guys shaving their legs, buying fashion magazines or shopping for home decors. What's even more interesting is that the young are looking not for what their fathers wear. They are instead after form-fitting jackets; shirts with narrower dimensions and skinnier pants and ties. For all these, we certainly can lay the blame on Mr. Thom Browne. The fashion iconoclast is celebrated for bringing on as norms shrunken men's jackets and high-waisted pants that show ankles.

And we haven't even touched on his advice of tucking the knotted tie into the trousers when wearing the short suits. To top all of this, I read somewhere that when it comes to advertising men's wear, a suit will always be a reliable gentleman's suit of armor. Young people are basically admitting that suits exude confidence responsibility, and trust, needed very much nowadays in the aftermath of corporate scandals. So indeed its time to shed the images of those golden bronze demigods clad in pristine three piece suits, and the other extreme of disheveled models who are nowhere near selling suits on magazine ads, where it not for the fact that the suit's logo declared so.

Let's bring on the "real" men who will show us that men's suits are suits not only meant for real men, but for youngsters too, who have outgrown an all-jeans wardrobe and will risk things with skinny trousers.

Rupert Bowling is the Owner of EshopOne a supplier of Mens Suits. Having been selling mens clothing online since 1999,he is considered by some to be an "old timer".

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