How To Choose The Best Prom Shoes For Teenage Boys And Girls

Before you know it Prom will be here for your teenager. This is one of the few opportunities they get to get really dressed up in formalwear and have a real date. Girls in particular have been thinking about this since they were little and have the idea of the perfect date and going out for dinner and dancing firmly implanted in their minds.

When I was that age even though the prom was a big deal, we didn't spend anywhere close to what kids these days are spending on prom night. These days both boys and girls alike are spending hundreds of dollars on their special evenings. As far as dresses go, Prom dresses are being bought and worn of all different types of styles and colors with some girls going for the longer more traditional look and some of the more daring ones going for the shorter dresses. Regardless of the style or color they choose they all realize that the right shoes are a critical part of their Prom wear. Knowing that they will probably be dancing quite a bit, all prom goers should be concerned with comfort.

It will be tough to smile and dance the night away if your shoes are causing you to get blisters or just making your feet ache. Be sure that the shoes you choose are comfortable to walk in and dance in. Don't think that you will just take them off and dance barefoot, you can end up stepping in something gross on the floor or possibly even cut your foot on broken glass. If you are wearing a short dress you may want to think about getting a nice strapped sandal that looks young and stylish. To compliment an elegant long dress you can wear short heels or as some choose a ballet slipper. Stay with a look that is feminine regardless of what you choose.

Take the time to look at many different styles and colors so that you have the best possible combination you can. Now on to the guys, the majority of who will wear a tux to the Prom just like I did well over 20 years ago. Okay, closer to thirty years ago but never mind that! Some of the guys will go with the traditional cummerbund and bowtie and others may opt for a different look. A lot of teenage boys will just go with the shoes that come with their rented tuxedo because they just don't care whether they have the latest fashion or not.

Still, you need to take the style of your date's dress into consideration and attempt to coordinate your style with hers. Of course you don't have to match exactly but your outfits should compliment each other.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as dress shoes at

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