The Brilliance of Yellow Sapphires

Belonging to the corundum family, which is a form of crystal aluminum oxide, yellow sapphires and their equally showy cousins are really something to behold. Yellow sapphires are as rare as are other color variants among the sapphire family - in fact, many are unaware that these colors can exist in these stones. When iron is present in the aluminum oxide crystal forming a sapphire, a yellow sapphire is the result. Playing second fiddle only to the diamond on the Mohs scale (weighing in at 9), all sapphires are extremely hard gems.

Yellow sapphires, just like other fancy sapphires are beautiful and rare as they are strong. A yellow sapphire stands up well to wear and tear while losing none of its luster. It has been somewhat easier to find these stones in recent times as they become more popular in jewelry. These gems are mined in Tanzania, Madagascar and Sri Lanka; however, since they are more popular these days, synthetic yellow sapphires are being seen in greater numbers. Synthetic gems are made, not mined but for all of this are no less a sapphire than one dug from the earth. Other than being a little bit less expensive, they have all of the properties one expects from a sapphire.

Like other gemstones, price will depend on size, color and clarity of the stone. The skill of the gem cutter comes into play as well. A well cut stone will catch the light even in an artificially lit room. A naturally colored stone will also cost more than one that has been heat-treated to intensify the color or has been made synthetically. Reputedly, yellow sapphires will bring people together and create friendships. Other properties are said to include sharpening the mind, bringing luck in business and improving depression.

In folk medicine traditions, the lungs and liver are said to benefit. There are also traditions bearing on where a yellow sapphire ring should be worn, though this is generally disregarded these days. Whether mounted in silver or in gold, worn in a necklace or a ring, yellow sapphires catch the eye. Possessing all of the elegance and luster of the other members of the sapphire family, they draw attention and garner compliments where ever the wearer goes. For this reason, they are gaining in popularity as a stone for engagement rings.

If you don't have a yellow sapphire in your jewelry collection, you may want to consider this beautiful gem.

If you are looking for a special and unique piece of jewelry, consider yellow sapphires. These are truly spectacular gemstone beauties that will make all your friends envious.

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