The Best Sandals for Outdoor Activities

Sandals are ideal footwear for outdoor activities because they offer protection for your feet, allow your feet to breathe, and are generally comfortable. Outdoor sport activities offer an array of activities, such as golf, walking, and rafting with different requirements for your feet. It is a good idea to choose a style of sandal that is suitable for the type of outdoor activities you perform on a regular basis.

Walking Walking was probably man's first indoor and outdoor activity. Flip flop sandals are a good choice when you don't require a significant amount of support. High heel sandals are typically not recommended for long walks because your feet are in an unnatural position, which over time can cause stress and injury. According to Dr. Scholls, well-known makers of foot care products, if you must wear high heels it is best to opt for those that offer ample space for your toes and that are considered "walking" or "performance". Aerosoles and Dansko are just a couple of comfort shoe brands that offer high heel sandals that work well for walkers.

Water Sports Fisherman sandals are a casual style for both men and women. The name is a bit of a misnomer, since this style doesn't refer to fishing. However, these sandals are perfect for water sports since they are made to allow water to flow through and beyond the feet; a feature that is particularly recommended for foot health. The soles on fisherman sandals tend to be thicker than average and are very comfortable. Slide sandals and flip flops are not suitable for high activity water sports, such as rafting, by virtue of their easy on-off design.

A better sandal style for rafting is one with an ankle strap that secures the shoes on the feet. Hiking In general, sandals that are appropriate for long walking trips are fine for hiking. The exception is if you plan to hike up very hilly areas. In this case you will require sandals with more ankle and foot support. Sandals for hiking also usually have an adjustable strap for added protection.

When shopping for sports sandals that you can wear while hiking, look for thick soles, adequate ankle support, and toughness. The Beach Appropriate beach sandals are obviously waterproof with a sole that is usually made of rubber or other flexible material that provides great traction. Beach sandals are typically available in a variety of lively colors. Flip flop sandals are the most common footwear of choice for the beach.

If you participate in a variety of activities, a multi-sport sandal that offers qualities of various sandals is recommended.

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