Should You Replace Your Skins Natural Moisture With Collagen Injections

Wrinkles are the bane of our existence as we grow older and many choose to do something about it through the use of collagen injections and supplements. The use of collagen is a safe and natural way of restoring our skin and other parts of our body to more youthful levels. The substance is not only used cosmetically but also to aid in joint pain. There are many other substances used to treat wrinkles and other skin conditions although collagen injections are the one that is most popular. These can be used for correcting fine lines and wrinkles in your face to give your skin a smoother and younger appearance. Shallow scars can be treated using this type of therapy as well.

The most successful use for collagen is in treating the areas around the mouth such as laugh lines and the deep creases on the sides of the nose. Another major reason that collagen injections are used is to help make up for the decrease in collagen in the body which starts around the age of 25 and decreases 1.5% a year. By utilizing these treatment methods wrinkles and creases can be diminished or erased.

Other people use the injections to create fuller lips and also for softening scar tissue. If you are considering this type of therapy a consultation with a qualified doctor is necessary first to determine if this procedure is right for you because some people have allergic reactions to some of the ingredients present in the injections. After the preliminaries are done and it is decided that it's okay to go through with the treatment a schedule will be put in place by the doctor performing the procedures. Prior to beginning the treatment period you will have to stop taking specific medicines in order to prevent the possibility of excessive bruising and bleeding. The collagen injections include a local anesthetic as well to allow for the patient to remain conscious during the procedure and provide for the least discomfort. Most people who undergo this therapy report they felt hardly any discomfort and few even required pain medication afterwards.

It is an amazing course of action that only takes a few minutes to make someone look years younger. Remember, this is a medical procedure and collagen should be injected into your skin only by a qualified health care professional. Collagen replacement therapy helps to reduce lines and wrinkles by adding to your own skin's collagen.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find out more about Anti Wrinkle Creams and Treatments at

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