Prosperous Modern Jewelry Designers

Many separate events have changed and influenced the designs that modern jewelry designers produce. If you look at these designs carefully you may notice their inspiration from other world events. If you look at jewelry around a century ago you may notice that the designs were influenced by the atom bomb.

There are many star burst and diamond spray designs available at this time. Jewelry For Daytime And Nighttime Use If you are interested in buying some modern designer gold jewelry that you can wear in the daytime you may want to look at mesh, Florentine finish and foxtail chains. Another popular form of daytime jewelry is a simple but elegant string of pearls around your neck. Cultured pearls were particularly popular throughout the 50's. The sixties saw very different designer jewelry being created. Quite often hybrid jewelry were the post poplar and fashionable.

As well as gold, platinum and diamonds silver and gemstones came into fashion. The jewelry design was influenced by flower power, the stones were brilliantly cut, abstract and interesting designs became more popular. A lot of jewelry was made from metals without any stones.

The meaning of several pieces of jewelry evolved during that time, including engagement rings. Nothing stays in fashion forever, trends will change every now and again.In the seventies the focus was on the women's movement, this changed what women wanted to buy. The jewelry in this period was much more personalized, exactly how women wanted them. New materials were commonly being used for jewelry including wood, crystals, coral and ivory.

This made a nice change to the precious stones and metals of the previous eras. The eighties and nineties saw people getting more prosperous, in this period designer jewelry became more glamorous and extravagant. The jewelry in these periods were shiny and sparkly.

You'll notice another change in style when princess Diana got married, at this time sophisticated elegant jewelry was popular. Since the new millennium designer jewelry has become popular in hybrid and also using semi-precious stones and metals. New techniques has been developed to create beautiful pieces of multicolored jewelry using diamonds and pearls. PMC (Precious Metal Clay) is used to create jewelry along with synthetic gemstones. These synthetic materials allow designers to create unique designs that are interesting. I can't wait to see what will happen next in the jewelry design world, it's continually evolving and changing every day.

The only thing to do is wait and see what happens.

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