Prom Dress ChoicesWhos Suggestions Should You Take

Prom is an important milestone in a young woman's life. Many girls start dreaming about and planning for it before they even reach high school. Since many teen movies feature proms in their story lines, girls often have lofty expectations for their prom night. Prom night will be remembered for many years with fondness, but the dress is especially memorable. Choosing the right dress for the prom is both exciting and frustrating for most teen girls. Ideally, you want to reduce your stress and enjoy yourself as much as possible.

Here are some tips for getting that beautifully fitting, great looking prom dress, that shows your personality, without too much stress. Pressure from high school peers and the need for acceptance are a major factor in choosing the right dress. Supposedly, customers want a dress different from everyone else's. However, when a customer is looking for a prom dress, she might be hesitant to choose something unlike what her friends would buy, because she is not sure what others might think of it. Girls need to stand out, but at the same time follow the prevailing trends in fashion. Often, prom dress customers won't be able to commit to a dress, even if there are no more like it available.

She will often miss out on the perfect dress, because she wants to get her friends pre-approval before buying it. It is always wise to get more than one opinion on the dress that you end up choosing. Whether consciously or not, your friends' advice may be skewed by the desire to avoid having you look better than them. They may also be prejudice against what you typically wear.

The sales personnel of the store may have other opinions. Their opinions can be quite useful as they are coming from the experience they have in helping people with many different styles and body types. Since they don't know you, they can give you advice that gets you out of the same old habits, although you should still take your personality into account. Keep in mind, the sales staff may encourage you to like the more expensive dresses.

Rather than working with you to find the right style and color for your body type and skin tone, they may only be motivated by sales. When selecting a store, look for one with a good reputation for honesty and experience. A good way to test if a salesperson is being honest about how you look in a dress; try on an expensive one that you know doesn't suit you, and see if they actually tell you that you look bad! It can be helpful to take friends to the store, or to consider the salesperson's advice, but since you will be wearing the dress, the final decision is yours. Remember to try on lots of different styles, as you may get a very pleasant surprise, and importantly - have fun and don't stress out! Go for your own individual style, even if it is different from the crowd.

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