Leather Vests More THan a Fasihon

It is a type of inner garment for ladies and men. Men normally prefer white color vests. But colored leather vests are also available and are used while motorcycle racing.

The jockeys wear colorful leather vests to have unique identification among other jockeys. The men's leather vests come in two varieties; one of them is with out sleeves and the other is with half sleeves. These men's leather vests are made from soft fibers and absorb extra sweating. They keep body cool and comfortable. These leather vests can be worn without shirt and provides a dashing look.

Most of the sports personalities wear these leather vests so as to have easy body movements while they are on sports fields. These sports and athletic leather vests are manufactured from sophisticated man made material to absorb extra perspiration and to keep cool. The other types of men's leather vests are padded vests that are used for hunting purpose and other is fishing vest in which two pockets are provided to keep the fishing tackles.

In case of Asian countries, it called as "Banyan" and is frequently used apparel for outdoor activities. The other type used worldwide in day to day activities, is jumbuck vest, which is made of oil skin and worn while working and playing. Quilted vest has yoke at the front and backside.

The jockeys normally wear these leather vests. Victoria vest is other important vest used by men and backside of the vest has an adjustable tab to alter the size of the vest. All these men's leather vests have one or two pockets to keep the important accessories. Another leather vest that is used whiling riding is the Riding vest and protects the rider from light drizzle and from strong winds.

Ladies Leather Vests Ladies vests are similar to men's leather vests and are worn as inner apparel by ladies. In case of ladies leather vest, it is mandatory to wear the outer shirt so as to cover complete body. These ladies leather vests come in various sizes and different colors. A Ladies leather vest restricts unnecessary body movements while walking or working. In upper class ladies, these vests are worn without a shirt to look fashionable. Especially in summer, the leather vests' demand increases so as to keep the body cool and comfortable.

In recent periods, one can find various logos written on the back and front side of the leather vest as it is considered as fashion among teenagers. Moreover, the ladies leather vests maintain body temperature, as these vests are manufactured of fine quality fabrics. Even lady jockeys and motorcycle drivers prefer these vests to have free access while driving. But most of the ladies prefer to wear these leather vests while working in the kitchen. The main difference between men and ladies leather vest is that of size.

The ladies leather vests are looser when compared with the men's leather vests and normally the ladies leather vests are up to the knee height. Thus one can come to the conclusion that the vest is integral part of the every apparel and plays an important role maintaining the status in the society.

Men's Leather Vests and Ladies Leather Vests

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