Japanese and Korean Fashion

Asian culture is very old. It is the Asian people's belief and way of thinking that make their style so different which effects the type of Japan and Korea Fashion. First of all, right around one of the early centuries. Most of Asian peoples clothing was made out of silk.

It started in China and then spread through out the rest of the Asian nations. Now, you say that the Japanese people expose too much. Well, in Japan the people at a young age were taught not to be ashamed of their bodies. Male and female took baths together to save water.

That is why in Japan today they have what is called bath houses. In history, most of Asian people had clothing that would cover them from head to toe. A couple of years after WWII, westerners was finally aloud to enter Japan. What you see today is the exposure of western culture mixed in with Asian culture. The Korean culture is rather conservative whereas the Japanese culture is rather open and exhibitionist.They are far from the same.

Koreans tend to be closer to the Chinese than the Japanese in culture. Surprisingly Chinese are very interested in Japanese and Korean fashion from tv shows and music, so in the future more focus will be on Japanese and Korean fashion.

Giles Dawe is an Artist in Hong Kong and likes to Draw Anime.

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