How Effective Are Breast Enhancement Creams

Today's society appears to be seeking bodily perfection like never before. Women in particular are interested, whether it is because of the hype in the media, peer pressure, a personal choice or similar. Breasts feature heavily at the top of many women's improvement lists. A huge range of bust enhancement creams exist that claim to produce firmer, more rounded and sometimes larger busts. These products are typically small containers full of a soft cream that is massaged onto the breast skin, often daily, then apparently producing the desired results. Many women would prefer to regularly apply a cream than resort to expensive, time consuming and potentially disastrous breast surgery.

It follows that the true effectiveness of these breast enhancement creams is a hot topic. Enhancement creams are one of the most popular breast enhancement methods next to breast surgery. The cream used typically contains an assortment of ingredients such as wild yam, fenugreek, kelp, burdock root and black cohosh. The active ingredient tends to be in such a small quantity as to do next to nothing, in terms of effectiveness. Even if large quantities of various active ingredients exist, an effective mechanism for transporting these chemicals through the skin barrier tends not to exist.

What should not be confused with actual breast tissue growth are reactions to the creams whereby frequent temporary breast tissue swelling occurs. This occurrence has wrongly convinced many women of the supposed 'wonders' of the cream in question. Phytoestrogens have been seen added to bust enhancement creams in some cases. Not hormones, phytoestrogens are said to produce the same benefits as natural estrogen. Strong courses of a chemical known as Retin-A (retinolic acid), a chemical known to be highly beneficial to people's skin (promoting collagen within the dermis, increasing cell turnover and enhancing vascularity) can't apparently create the results boasted on the sides of enhancement cream containers. Many other breast enhancement products are out there, pills, pumps and enhancement supplements to name but a few.

The latter has seemingly proved more effective than enhancement cream. Occasions when women have used both supplements and creams it has been the supplements that they believed worked. More research is necessary to establish whether enhancement creams work. If they do they are sure to be a huge hit, since the cost savings when compared to surgery are vast.

For the time being breast enhancement creams appear not to make much if any difference, except maybe to your wallet! As is typical with any serious thought about modifying your body, go and visit your doctor. See what they say, then you'll be able to make a more informed decision for your specific situation.

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