Hair Extensions The New You

We all feel like a change once in a while when it comes to our hair, whether you want a new cut, colour or shape we all experiment with our hair at some point in our life. If you are looking for a new style why not consider hair extensions? Many people are under the impression that hair extensions are just used by people who want instant long hair. To an extent this can be true; hair extensions are still mainly used by people who want added length to their hair whilst they are waiting for their natural hair to catch up.

However in recent times the use of hair extensions has grown more popular for a variety of reasons. People are now wearing hair extensions for different reasons. Hair extensions can make hair look fuller and longer. If your hair is really fine, scattered extensions, which are cut into your style, will give your hair fantastic volume. You can add layers to give the hair a natural look whilst making it fuller. Hair Extensions can also be used to add colour to your hair.

If you want to dramatically change the colour of your hair or just sections of it but are scared of the results; what if it goes wrong? What if the colour doesn't take over your natural colour? Or what if you don't like it? Well extensions are the perfect way to solve these worries as they give you the change you want without having to do anything to your actual hair and if the colour doesn't suit you then the extensions can simply be removed. So whether you want hi-lights or lo-lights, hair extensions could work for you. Hair extensions are not only used to change your look.

They may be the answer to problems that are out of your control such as hair thinning and other hair/scalp conditions. In this case hair extensions can be used to disguise the problem and give the wearer added confidence about their looks. There are several ways in which hair extensions can be applied, depending on the type of hair extensions you want, your hair condition and the amount of money you have to spend. When you visit your salon for your hair extensions the stylist will talk you through all aspects of applying the extensions and which method is best for you. When it comes to the aftercare of your hair extensions it is advised that you only use the products that are recommended to you by your stylist. You should also go for regular hair check ups at the salon; these check-ups usually come as part of your after-care service with your hair extensions.

You can wash and style your extensions in the same way as your normal hair. You can use blow dryers, straighteners or curling tongs, depending on your hair care routine. The maintenance of your hair extensions will be slightly higher than that of your normal hair but the results that you will see are defiantly worth it. A lot of people worry as to whether hair extensions will suit them but this is what your consultation time is for. A good stylist should be able to advise you on the best way to wear your hair extensions, taking into consideration the length, volume and colour. If you are considering hair extensions you should visit your salon and book a consultation so that you get the very best you can out of your extensions.

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