Finding the Perfect Prom Dress

Tracking down the perfect prom dress can be a hard task. With such a wide range of designs and styles to choose from, not to mention the overabundance of sale points, it can be quite overwhelming to make a proper choice. You don't want to get ripped off and, once you start looking, you'll realize that some stores sell the same dress for more money than some other stores.

It's also important that the dress matches you and your unique sense of style, which may be hard to come by in the newest line of dresses. To help solve these problems, read through our simple easy fixes and suggestions. The early bird may get the worm, but it's the early shopper that gets the perfect dress. If you put off buying your dress until a later month, you will likely find yourself settling for just what you can find quickly. That's why it is so very important to give yourself plenty of time, even if you aren't sure you have a date.

Whoever your date ends up being, he'll think you look beautiful in your gown, so pick to please yourself. You can't go wrong, so go ahead and start; he will love anything that you love. Look at all of your choices. Relax a little; this might be enjoyable. Get together with your friends and spend a day shopping, gathering their opinions. Proceed to the malls and the nearby dress stores and try out all the dresses you can lay your hands on, even if you feel that some of them will look terrible on you.

It is likely that you may stumble upon a style that you thought wouldn't look right on you that actually does. Create visuals to take home. Your friends can use their camera phones to snap quick shots of you in each dress so that you can later remember what you liked and disliked about each one.

No matter who you are, when you try on several dresses, you'll forget some of them or at least the details. So don't feel silly; you'll be glad you did it. Besides, any friends who weren't present will be able to compare and help select the best dress for you. And who knows? They may very well find a dress best for them.

The "right" dress might not be the first dress that you like, so keep looking! With so many dresses to choose from, it would be unwise to limit yourself. If you think you found the "right" dress that you've always dreamed of having, then the store associate can put the dress on hold for you, but you should still continue looking. Go home, find that dress online and see if it is cheaper anywhere else. Most of the time retail stores are over-priced. Buy the dress online after you've looked through the stores.

Online purchases frequently cost less and could leave you with more money for your accessories. Go through the pictures, take into account what your friends said about each dress, and then look for a dress that fits their suggestions. Our number one tip is that you NEVER settle for a dress that is only "okay." Keep looking for the dress that perfectly matches your personality.

All designers put their dresses on the Internet, so you will have access to them all, as well as all the colors them come in. You will probably realize that one designer better fits your style than some others. Remember that, just because a dress looks good on the model, it doesn't mean that it will look good with your taller or shorter body type. And always think about what the color of the dress does for your skin tones. When you get the dress in the mail, you really need to try it on right away.

It usually won't cost a lot to have some of the dress altered, particularly if you know somebody that can sew. So, if there is a little touching up that needs to be done, just have someone do it; it can be taken care of right at your own home. If it is a bit too long, just have it altered; such "problems" are really quite insignificant. You'll know when you see the dress if it is "fixable" or not or if you need to send it back and continue your search. Remember that you aren't limited to only the newest line of fashion.

In fact, one of the greatest advantages of shopping for a dress online is that you are not restricted to only the current fashion trends. If you don't fit into the latest dresses or you find them boring or too flashy, don't settle; go vintage! Wear what looks beautiful on you to prevent looking and feeling anything less than beautiful on your special day. Never compromise your look for your prom because you'll remember it always.

Paige Mastingten is a college senior with an eye for fashion. After multiple years of choosing cheap prom dresses, formals, and dances, she knows a thing or two about finding sexy prom dresses with designer labels. Her favorite site is, and she shops there each time she goes looking for prom gowns.

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