Don Juan LookALike Just By Wearing a Scarf

Are you looking for a great gift to give a guy for Christmas? Or are you a guy looking to make a smart and fashionable addition to your wardrobe? If so, one hot item for the fall and winter this season are fashionable women's and men's scarves. You'll want one of these around your neck. Today's men's scarves are not like the ones your grandma knit for you when you were a boy. These great looking items are serious wear for the serious man who wants to succeed at work and in his social life. No, it isn't going to magically transform you into a Don Juan, but looking good doesn't hurt. for either your career or your social life.

How's the best way to buy one of these great looking items? This is essential "Fashion 101" stuff for the guy who wants to look good. Remember, it's an accessory that shouldn't draw attention to itself, but should enhance the overall look of your wardrobe. What makes these such a good purchase is that you can own several really basic essentials in your wardrobe and just add smart and fashionable accessories (like scarves and ties) quite inexpensively.

What color should it be? Your scarf should not be a distinct color from everything else in your outfit. Instead, it should pick up some color from another item that you're wearing. For example, if you've got a blue shirt, your accessory should have a little of the same blue in it. One example might be a light blue plaid scarf with dark blue woven in. that dark blue and your shirt should match.

Another example that can look really good is if you match them together: a red tie and a striped scarf with a little of the same red in one of the stripes. Two colors that you might never normally buy - but which are very popular right now - are purple and pumpkin. Pumpkin (that's orange, guys) can look great against a long black wool trench coat. It will look even better when you wear a dark blue shirt and a pumpkin colored tie. What pattern should it be? If the rest of your clothes are plain, you may want a patterned one.

If your clothes are patterned (for example if you have a checked shirt or a multicolored tweed sport coat) then a plain scarf is in order. What texture should it be? Scarves should be the opposite texture to your coat. If your coat is a thick wool coat, then a thin one, perhaps of cashmere, is appropriate. If your coat is fairly thin, you may consider a thicker scarf. However, the aviator look can work on some guys and that's a smooth (leather) jacket with a lightly textured white one. So a smooth coat can often be matched with a lighter or coarser texture.

These great accessories can also look great when pair with a three quarter length jacket and jeans. Be sure to choose a thin to medium thickness to longer length and if the rest of your clothes are fairly dark, you may want to go with a splash of color. Scarves are hot this season and you'll want to get a couple to look good on the job and for the ladies.

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