Do You Want to Effectively Get Rid of Your Acne Scarring

Acne can be your worst nightmare as not only does it give you an endless array of spots, but it also often leaves scarring too. Most people suffer from acne in their teens, and for them it is one of the most horrible things which could happen to them. However, most teenagers just grin and bear it as they are often told that it will eventually go away as they get older. However, what these teenagers do not realize is that although the acne may clear up as they get older, it can leave scarring behind if it is not treated.

So, although the acne has now cleared up, you now have scarring to replace it! So what can you do about it now that you have it? Unfortunately no treatment will ever completely get rid of acne scarring; however there are treatments which can make the skin look a lot clearer and which reduce the appearance of the scarring. You just have to be able to find them! Acne Scarring and the Many Treatments Available Acne should be treated straight away once you know that you have it, in order to prevent it from getting more severe and also to try and stop the scarring. However, treating acne is not always easy to do, especially when it is severe. So if you are left with acne scarring there are some treatments out there which can, and do help. The Possibility of Removing Acne Scars Completely If you want to completely get rid of your acne scarring, you should know that usually, it is impossible to get rid of the scarring completely.

However, if you consult your dermatologist they should be able to go through your options with you and see if it is possible to completely remove the scars, or if they can be reduced dramatically. There are specific procedures that are followed, and these will be determined depending upon your individual circumstances including: Age and health How severe the scarring is and what type it is Do you have any allergies or intolerance to any medicines or treatments All of these factors have to be looked into before the dermatologist can make up their mind on which treatment is better for you. So before you try any treatment or surgery, it is always advised to see a dermatologist beforehand. Generally it would be better for you to get the right treatment for you as using the wrong type could easily make the problem worse. Surgery is the main type of method for removing acne scarring completely, however if you do not need surgery and you go ahead and have it anyway, you could end up with surgery scars as well as acne scars! Treatments to Reduce Acne Scarring Whilst it may be almost impossible to completely eliminate an acne problem, it is not impossible to reduce it.

Dermabrasion is a method used, which involves sending electrical pulses from a machine to the skin, in order to help remove the skins top layers. However, although it will leave the skin looking better, it will not completely remove all scars so if that is your intention you will have to talk to your dermatologist to see what to realistically expect from treatment. After the dermabrasion has been completed, the skin will look very red and swollen, and you may find that eating will be fairly hard to do.

The skin will definitely need to be taken care of for a while after the surgery; so for example, men will have to give shaving a miss for a while. The doctor or dermatologist should give you instructions afterwards on how to properly care for the skin until it has recovered. If not, you can always ask them yourself.

Generally the swelling and redness will not go down for around a couple of weeks after the treatment. When your new skin is fully prepared, the color should closely match the surrounding skin. Other options available for acne scarring include: Collagen injections Laser resurfacing Punch grafts Autologous fat transfer However, these treatments are quite drastic and they can cause more problems for you further down the line.

If you do go ahead with any of these, make sure that you know all of the facts, and that you also know what you are getting yourself into. You should consult your doctor or dermatologist when you are not sure about various treatments. Overall you should not expect fast results otherwise you will be disappointed.

Surgery is the most effective way of removing acne scarring sometimes; however it may cause further problems for some people. Do not rush into anything and always check with a dermatologist, which treatments will be better for you.

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