Do You Know What Youre Putting on Your Skin

Bath and beauty products do more than just keep us clean, they make us look and feel our best. And in a 24/7 society where busy is the norm, a simple bath or great skin treatment can be a relaxing personal moment in an otherwise hectic day. Now more than ever, people are using bath products that are made organically through green processes because it's not only good for them, but also good for the environment. "Going green is more than just an environmental concept, it's something that can have a dramatic impact on personal health," says Justin Gomolka at Best Bath Store, a company that makes 100 percent natural bath and body, skin care and hair care products. "We're seeing more interest in natural products that respect human life, animal life, and the environment we live in -- something our entire line supports. We do not test on animals or use harmful synthetic preservatives or additives such as sodium laurel sulfate or parabens.

One must be on the lookout for greenwashing, where companies claim to be natural and /or safe for the environment, but use harmful synthetic ingredients." These are the top bath and beauty trends of 2008: Trend 1) Organic Soaps When you're washing your skin, are you using something that contains harsh chemicals? Don't forget, your skin is your body's largest organ and the first line of defense against disease and infections. If you look at the ingredients of your common everyday soap, you might find it difficult to pronounce the list.

Animal fats and synthetic ingredients help make soaps cheap for large companies, but wreak havoc on your skin and overall health! For this reason, organic soap made from all-natural ingredients is a top beauty trend. For example, handmade soap from Best Bath Store ( uses luxurious quality ingredients that include organic extracts, essential oils, and cleansing particles harvested from the earth. Because of the use of organic ingredients, this soap is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types.

Trend 2) Safe Cosmetics / Cruelty Free / Environmentally Friendly Traditional cosmetics and bath products can contain unhealthy ingredients. Exposure to one of these chemicals is unlikely to cause health problems, but repeated exposure can be linked to serious health issues like cancer and birth defects. More people are seeking safe cosmetics that they know won't be causing them, their families, or any animals harm. You can do three things to help buy healthier products. First, look for products that do not test on animals or companies that are PETA business friends.

Second, visit to find a list of companies that have pledged to keep their products safe from unhealthy compounds. Lastly, find out how a company packages their products and ships them.

Do they use Styrofoam or corn starch peanuts? Trend 3) Aromatherapy Different scents have the power to trigger sensations in the brain such as relaxation, calmness, alertness and more. Lavender is a popular ingredient used in bath products that is believed to have the power to promote relaxation and relieve stress, important for today's constantly hectic lifestyle. Lavender has been used as a natural medicine to help relieve headaches, migraines and insomnia for centuries.

Other scents and herbs have properties that help keep the body balanced and healthy. More people are now looking for these ingredients in their favorite soaps and lotions. Trend 4) Real Results People want a luxurious, natural product, but they also want results from their beauty regimen. From wrinkles to acne, natural ingredients just might be the cure you've been seeking. For example, acne medicines made from all natural ingredients treat problem skin gently, great for sensitive skin types. Additionally, some natural ingredients may work better because the body isn't able to build up a tolerance to its effectiveness like it often does with chemical treatment options.

Natural, green ingredients also can make a difference for other beauty concerns such as wrinkles and skin tone. Trend 5) Not Just for Ladies Bath and beauty isn't just for females any more. Products are being made specifically for the needs of children and men too. Fun, natural products make bath time enjoyable for kids of all ages, helping them stay clean and healthy. And men are realizing that looking their best today and in the future requires more effort than a simple daily shower.

An increasing number of men are seeking out all-natural soaps, shampoos and shaving creams because these products give them better results and are better for their body. To learn more about natural bath and beauty products and receive free samples, visit

Shop and learn at Best Bath Store, a company that makes 100 percent natural bath and body, skin care and hair care products.

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