Ciff Fashion Autumn Winter Trend

Urban dynamism, vibrant colors, metallic shades, rhythm and elegance, ruled the fashion corridors this summer. The trend will continue when the best labels will show their upcoming Autumn and Winter Trends. You may or may not be a Kitsch Mix of Soft Tech and while on the move you might not prefer Dark Fiction, but your style trend will follow the four. Copenhagen International Fashion Fair has sketched four themes for the fall of 08-09 which will dominate streets of fashion.

Let us start with the new sprung fashion On the Move Looking for the slim or the baggy style? Fleece jackets and wind breakers are back in full swing. We call it the Color Box of the year! This street fashion brings in heat, gracefulness and above all, packed energy. Pictograms, logos and graphics are incorporated in the design, making it more interactive and innovative.

The attires are a blend of classic fabrics and sport textiles that instill exclusive style along with comfort. Hooded sweat shirts and cardigans with drawing waist, striped v-neck sweaters with inlaid patterns are supposedly going to make a big hit in the autumn and for the dark winters. Colour Pick On the Move has all the crazy mixes and matches. From Raspberry Reds to deep Purples, split Pea, bright accents and daring Burgundies, a typical sporty fashion show! Fiber Scoop A comfortable style that is dense yet light; plain or textured weave fabric, moleskins, macro diagonal fiber cotton, woolen jackets and coat weights, cashmere broadcloth are some of the inclusive materials which will be pick of the theme. This sketch of fashion brings a real taste of veritable textile.

The fabrics instill an anti-radiation treatment, breathable waterproof capacity, anti pollution and micro encapsulation aiding. Sporty Style The theme replicates a sporty flavor, but what else can you think of in sports? The double faced, insulated or foam back Jersey, coated fleeces, laminated fabric, padded Nylons, the fabric is worth wearing. It simply feels great.

Expressing Freedom On the Move includes a lot of printed and knitted logos, geometrical stripes and color bands, topography or stencils, which reflects energy and passion in the most expressive way.

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