Add Some Sparkle to Your Style with Moissanite Fashion Rings or Bracelets

This season, glam and glitter is in style to the point of being overload. Sparkly, diamond imitation jewels are available everywhere but they can reek of cheapness and overkill. So how can you glitter like the stars without breaking your budget? The answer could be moissanite fashion rings and tennis bracelets. Moissanite is a mineral, originally discovered in 1893, that has only recently been developed. When cut like a diamond, even experienced jewelers have difficulty telling a moissanite stone from a genuine diamond. Moissanite also features durability that exceeds every other gemstone and closely matches diamonds, so you won't have to worry when wearing your moissanite fashion rings in everyday situations.

How does the price stack up? Try this example on for size: A diamond tennis bracelet, containing one total carat of diamond stones will probably cost about $1000. A Moissanite tennis bracelet for the same price will contain the equivalent of over four carats. Generally, moissanite runs about $500 per carat (not including setting). That seems expensive until you consider the fact that diamonds usually exceed $1000 per carat and because diamonds are rarer, the larger the stone, the more it costs per carat. Moissanite can be produced, meaning it is not mined like diamonds are, thus there is not a limit on the size of stones.

This keeps prices lower on larger stones so you can get more sparkle in a fashionable moissanite ring for your buck. Another huge benefit to choosing a moissanite fashion ring is the sparkle and shine. Moissanite is known for its brilliance and "fire," which actually exceeds the diamond. A moissanite fashion ring is sure to attract lots of attention in any situation. Are there disadvantages to moissanite? Moissanite is usually colorless but can contain some green or grey tinges. While most would consider this elegant, if you're concerned about the color, be sure to examine any moissanite jewelry that you buy in several kinds of lighting.

Since you are probably going to be buying moissanite fashion rings or other items for yourself, rather than having them bestowed upon you (as would be the case with engagement rings, for instance) you shouldn't be too concerned about the fact that some consider anything but a diamond "fake" and less than genuine. This isn't true in any case, but if it's not a token of affection there is no reason to worry. The sparkly styles surrounding us extend from piling on rings necklaces and earrings for evenings out to sprucing up more casual wear, so dressing up a simple outfit with a moissanite tennis bracelet could be the cure for a blah day.

Whatever you do with your new sparkle, rest assured that moissanite is the perfect way to add some shine to your life.

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